Model SR500

High-speed horizontal type rotary packaging machine

​Standard function

Low price and space saving have been achieved by selecting the standard  functions to optimize the machine.

Timing adjustment has been simplified by use of cam switches. Mark position can be  changed only by changing the set value. Stable sealing operation is assured owing to  PID (Proportional plus integral plus derivative) control of the heater temperature.

Cutting edge adjustment of the I-notch device is easy owing to use of a rotary type  cutting edge. (Option)


Packaging style 
– Three-side sealing, four-side sealing(Option), and paired sealing (Option)
– Bag length (*1) 
– 80 to 220 mm. 
– Bag width (*2) 
– 50 to 125 mm. 
– Packaging speed (*3) 
– 300 to 500 bags/min. 
Packing volume
0.5 to 40 cc. ​
Standard devices
– Pattern matching device   
– Seam detecting device   
– No-packaging material detecting device  
– Broken wire in heater datecting device 
– I-notch cutting device  
– Cutter  
– Defective removal device  
– Divider to preset number  
– Static electricity discharging device  
– Jammed material detecting device (Top seal)
– Empty bag detecting device  
– Automatic spilicing device  
– Touch panel 
– Reduced packaging material detecting device  
– Dust collector  
– Rotary disk device  
– Mixing device  
– Printer  
– Variable quantity type rotary disk device x 
Power source
3-phase 200 V 50/60 Hz 
Power consumption (*3)
Main motor 750 W Heater 180W × (Number of side seals)
500 W×2   250 W×2  5.5 kW at peak,  3.0 kW on the average
Dimensions (*3)
1,530(W) × 1,040(D) × 2,150(H) mm. 
Air consumption
20 NL/min (0.5 MPa)
Weight (*3)
Approx. 1,500 kg.
*1: Will be determined at the time of discussing the specifications with you.  

*2: Will be determined at the time of arranging the specifications.  

*3: Varies depending on the specifications.